‘Tangible Dreams and Touchable Memories’

Degree Show exhibition 2009

“Distorted Reality” is inspired by my fascination with sleep, subconscious and the hidden and surreal quirks in ordinary surroundings.

Dreams, memories and the things you see everyday can become distorted and exaggerated, they can be vivid or unclear.

Subconsciously and knowingly, everything I have personally seen and experienced has influenced me creatively. These influences manifest themselves in surreal and ambiguous ways through sleep and reminiscences.

My work enables the ephemeral qualities of dreams, memories and surrounding influences to become permeated and embedded into the bedroom environment, where the surreal and intangible become real and visualised.

The ceiling, acting as a canvas, corresponds directly with textiles on the bed. Both spaces mirror each other and link conceptually and aesthetically. Like the random nature of dreams, the use of vinyl stickers allow the freedom of placement around the room.

My work is made up of laser cut, digital, screen printed, mixed media and hand finished techniques.